Inlagd: 02/11 2008

Music is up!

I finished coding and started uploading. Everything seems to be working, so have fun downloading some music!

Let me know if there are glitches...


Inlagd: 31/10 2008

Old site

The old site is now available at


Inlagd: 31/10 2008


Moving some code around... albums should be the next thing to be working!


Inlagd: 22/10 2008


ok, so I was supposed to sleep. I did the approval thing instead... =)


Inlagd: 22/10 2008

spamming my guestbook, are we?

I have to look into that... easiest way to fix it is to make posts appear only after I approve them. too tired right now, but this "feature" is soon to come!


Inlagd: 05/10 2008

Page is up!

There are a lot of glitches here and no contents yet. But I will fix it! After I had some breakfast...


Inlagd: 18/08 2008


This is my glorious first newspost! Fantastic!

Welcome to my place in cyberspace

This is where I collect things I've made for you to download.

Everything on here is free, but feel welcome to make a donation!

Have fun!

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