Inlagd: 05/12 2010

Site has moved

I moved the site to in order to put my wordpress-site as my primary site.

Sorry for any confusion this may cause you...


Inlagd: 17/05 2010


I got Flattr and started adding buttons to this site.

If you like something, click a Flattr-button. Can things be simpler?

Don't have Flattr yet? Head over to and register for an account so you can start supporting things you care about!


Inlagd: 14/01 2010


I put up a program page! Just so I could upload the little project in C I have been playing with lately...


Inlagd: 11/04 2009

Before the rain

I just finished a new song. Go on over to the music page and download it!


Inlagd: 07/03 2009


I have been fiddeling with it for a while. Now there is a link to the forum among the pages. Enjoy! =)


Welcome to my place in cyberspace

This is where I collect things I've made for you to download.

Everything on here is free, but feel welcome to make a donation!

Have fun!

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